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Farm & Garden Guide to Planting & Harvesting

2017 - 3nd Edition - Celestial Planting Calendar

Planting Calendar

The creation of this planting calendar is a labour of love and came about from the efforts of Rosemary Tayler, Cesar Gomez and Kathryn Aunger. 

This 40-page, full-colour, 13-month calendar consists of monthly celestial event charts, informative articles as well as poetry, quotes, sayings and wisdom tips passed down from previous generations.

It is designed for use in both northern and southern hemispheres.

Each monthly chart consists of daily and hourly colour-coded celestial events related to planting and harvesting using the four elements and the four plant types - Fire/Fruit, Water/Leaf, Earth/Root and Air/Flower. 

The easy-to-read pictorials on these charts include lunar phases, apogee and perigee and lunar nodes. The reader can quickly catch on to how these elements influence plant growth and reproduction. 

For more advanced biodynamic practitioners, there is a column listing angular relationships between planets, which identify auspicious times conducive for seed saving.  Specific days are identified for applying biodynamic preparations such as BD500 and BD501.

This calendar also includes a collection of wisdom teachings around the lunar rhythms as well as a column on how to work with lunar phases. This years articles highlight food quality and nutrition and how they affect our health.  An article by Hugh Courtney on the Elementals, and an explanation of the 2017 change from El Niño to El Niña weather patterns.  Hugh Courtney also provides an overview of each of the biodynamic preparations and when and how to use them.

To balance out this analytical information, the document has 15 original paintings by our featured artist, Nancy Brookes, that enhance the artistic and creative flavour of this document.  Nancy is from Bancroft, Ontario and is best known for her watercolour paintings of old buildings and country landscapes.

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