Planting Calendar - Mission Statement | Celestial Planting Calendar
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Cosmic Rhythms ~ Solar ~ Lunar ~ Star ~ Life Forces ~ Vitality
Farm & Garden Guide to Planting & Harvesting

Mission Statement

Calendar making, by its very nature implies certain basic assumptions, one of which is that it conditions our way of thinking.  In designing this Celestial Planting Calendar, we have attempted to encourage readers to develop their own sense of awareness and their own powers of observation.

Our focus includes the solar rhythms, including solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days (which are halfway between the equinoxes and the solstices), as well as the monthly movement of the Sun along the backdrop of star groups known as the Zodiac.

The lunar rhythms include the cycles from one New Moon to the next, the journey of the Moon through the Zodiac, its ascending and descending patterns as it moves subtly higher and lower in the sky each month, as well as solar and lunar eclipses.

This particular calendar highlights nutrition by way of connecting with the microbial forces in our gut. We also look at how compost builds upon microbial forces that transform raw materials into soil.  Another theme in this issue provides insights, inspiration and key times for working with wood.

With our goal to reach a diverse multi-cultural agrarian audience, we have not included religious festivals.  Each reader is free to add their own special events in the personal notes section of the monthly charts.

These astronomical details are blended with art, poetry and wisdom from the elders to open our hearts and minds to subtle spiritual and physical forces that are present within each of us on a day-to-day basis.  In this way, we attempt to foster an enlivening experience for the reader who consciously becomes a participant in this truly cosmic dance.