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Cosmic Rhythms ~ Solar ~ Lunar ~ Star ~ Life Forces ~ Vitality
Farm & Garden Guide to Planting & Harvesting
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Celestial Planting Calendar
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2018 Celestial Planting Calendar (978-0993903533)

A farm and garden guide to planting by the moon, stars and planetary influences. Specific dates for working with root, leaf, flower and seed crops. Informative articles, key dates and recommendations for applying biodynamic preparations.

Featuring 13 months starting December 2017
Beautifully Illustrated by Feature Artist, Carla Miedema of Kingston, Ontario, Canada

9" x 12" Wall Calendar, 40 pages, Full Colour

Product Information

2018 - 4th Edition - Celestial Planting Calendar

What is inside this years issue: 

Our theme this year is water consciousness and the relationships between the cosmos and earth’s weather patterns. Gary Caton’s articles on SuperMoons and the retrogrades of Venus and Mars bring a deeper sense of awareness to these ongoing planetary phenomena.

Dennis Klocek’s article titled “Celestial Meteorology,” offers a thoughtful introduction to this fascinating topic.

For those advanced biodynamic farmers and gardeners, we feature Hugh Courtney’s article on “Sequential Spraying,” a procedure to encourage or discourage moisture and rainfall. The times recommended by Mr. Courtney for these two spraying procedures are included on each of the monthly charts. Working with the elementals is a major principle of biodynamics and it feels right to be reminded of this connection on an ongoing basis.

The year's calendar features unique landscape paintings with water themes by Kingston artist, Carla Miedema.

This 40-page, full-colour, 13-month calendar consists of introductory and advanced articles and charts, designed for use in both northern and southern hemispheres.

Each monthly presentation consists of daily and hourly colour-coded charts of lunar placements in the zodiac as well as solar, lunar, and planetary interrelationships. 

The easy-to-read pictorials on the charts include lunar phases, apogee and perigee and lunar nodes. The reader can quickly catch on to how these elements influence plant growth and reproduction. Recommendations for applying biodynamic preparations (BD500, BD501 and sequential spray) are clearly noted.

An Introduction – How to Work with this Calendar

The following video will help anyone who is new to the concepts of working with a planting calendar better understand the basic concepts that are featured in our Celestial Planting Calendar.  

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