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Farm & Garden Guide to Planting & Harvesting

Calendar Team

Rosemary Tayler - Editor

Rosemary Tayler has a background in biochemistry and marine biology (MSc) and alternative medicine, in particular, homeopathy, as well as extensive learning in astrology. In 1992, she founded the Ottawa School of Homeopathy. For the next ten years she taught courses and ran a clinic with senior homeopaths from India and Bangladesh. Since 2000, she devotes time to community gardening, composting and organizing food markets.

For the past three years, under the mentorship of several teachers and the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario, Rosemary co-teaches the introductory biodynamic course in Eastern Ontario with her colleague, Kathryn Aunger. 

Her recent publication Agricultural Heritage on Newfoundland’s Easport Peninsula describes how farming and gardening was and still is a family-oriented sustainable lifestyle.

Cesar Gomez - Day Keeper

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Cesar Uriel Gomez grew up to develop passions for research and understanding as well as for farming and gardening. 

With memories of seeing photographs of his grandparents farming in Central Mexico, Cesar’s curiosity at how indigenous people developed and worked with ancient Meso-American calendars fuels his enthusiasm for completing these annual celestial calendars. Based on this learning, he has incorporated significant and useful elements into this 13-month calendar. 

Cesar’s garden flourishes with garlic, gladiolas and raspberries, as well as mounds of the Three Sisters: corn, beans and squash. He devotes his spare time to helping local farmers with biodynamic projects such as applying preparations to the land. 

Kathryn Aunger - Administration & Graphic Design

Kathryn has over 25 years of experience as well as expertise in various aspects of sales, marketing, computer graphics, desktop publishing and website development.

She grew up with an inborn interest in farming and gardening and was inspired by her grandparents upon visiting their farm.  She also worked along with her parents in their gardens. In 2006, on the urging of her son, Aric, Kathryn purchased what is now Earth Haven Farm in Eastern Ontario.

Stuart Clarkson - Writer

With a background in history including a specialty in Scottish and Roman cultures, Stuart is employed by the City of Ottawa Archives as their community archivist. He collects materials that reflect the experiences of Ottawa’s citizens. Once a week he works at a rural branch which focuses on the records of local farms and farmers. Over the last eight years, Stuart has developed an interest in gardening, including biodynamic practices, which he puts into action in his backyard every summer along with his wife Kate Punnett and their three home-schooled children.